Piano, Flute and Music Theory Tuition


Piano and Flute Lessons

Learn to play from scratch, pick up where you left off, or take a new direction...

I teach all ages and abilities, from pre-schoolers to retired adults, beginners to advanced.  Perhaps you are a complete beginner wanting to work towards grades? Maybe you played as a child and want to take a new approach as an adult?  Perhaps you've been classically trained and want to explore jazz, pop, improvisation, or lead sheets? Or perhaps you don't know what you want, you just want to give it a go!  Whatever your goals, your learning path will be tailored to you.

Personalised Teaching: Online or in The Studio

Your lessons are are individual as you are.

No student is the same and one-size definitely does not fit all! As a qualified NLP practitioner and training in Kodaly musicianship, I adapt my teaching to fit your own learning preferences. 


We'll choose your pieces together, developing your skills through repertoire you enjoy. I work from a huge range of books and supplement this with studio-licensed music. There is something out there for everyone, and if there isn't, I write it!  

I teach in person, in a covid-secure, risk-assessed Studio, or online using secure remote technology such as Zoom. You can choose either, or a mix of both. 


Exams and Performance Opportunities

Students who choose to perform or take exams are well-prepared and confident.

Exams are not for everyone and there are many fantastic musicians all over the world with no formal qualifications.  There are plenty of ways to develop musicianship without exams.  Students who choose exams will be supported to perform at their very best. I use a wide range of exam boards, matching syllabus to student.


We hold regular charity concerts, and all students are invited to perform. These are relaxed events for family and friends and the emphasis is on sharing music, and celebrating success. 

In lessons, you can also work towards our Studio Challenges and Awards, from 100 Days of Practice, to structured Chord or Scales awards, or the Piano Puzzle Leaderboard. 


Music Theory, GCSEs and A-Levels

Extra help for students working towards formal qualifications

All students learn music theory along the way - it's a core part of our lessons and underpins your ability to play an instrument. Often you don't even realise you're learning it!

For those students wanting to enter ABRSM exams at higher grades, additional support to achieve the pre-requisite Grade 5 Theory of Music is provided.  Learning is supported with workbooks, targeted teaching tools, practice exam papers, apps and online resources.

I also support students needing additional help with GCSE or A-Level Music - some are existing piano/flute pupils; others come just for the extra tuition.  Please get in touch for a chat.