“My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since starting piano lessons with Becs.  She has given my daughter a great sense of confidence and achievement over a fairly short period of time due to her patient and encouraging teaching methods. 

Becs is friendly and approachable and my daughter needs no encouragement to go to her lesson each week. 

She is always eager to show Becs how she has progressed”

Parent of piano student

"We are over the moon with how much progress she has made since beginning lessons with you. She not only enjoys practising now but she adores you and looks forward to every lesson. You are an inspiration to her and hearing you both laugh during lessons proves that our money is well spent. Thank you for the confidence and determination you have instilled in our daughter""

Parent of flute student

"Becs is a proficient sight reader of all the music we have tackled, including some very demanding pieces.  On occasions I have presented her with difficult pieces at zero notice and she has risen to the occasion every time without any apparent doubt or hesitation!"


"Becs' has a relaxed, cheerful and easy manner.  She has a rare ability to get on with people and encourage them to capitalize on their strengths.  She accompanies sensitively, supporting the singers without overpowering them, and using her judgement to reduce the level of support as the singers grow more confident"

Ros, Musical Director

“Becs is a gifted accompanist.  She plays intuitively and with sensitivity, maintaining clear communication throughout the piece and following the lead of the soloist"

"Becs' accompaniment shows a balance between preparation (including her rehearsal and communication about the performance) and spontaneity (due to her ability to sight read accurately and play with responsiveness) which enables the soloist to feel comfortable and play at their best”

Hannah, Leeds Jazz Orchestra

"Becs is a talented, classically trained musician, who is obsessive about her craft.  This means that when she accompanies me, a singer who is allergic to counting, she is able to easily adjust, so that I never feel lost or at sea. 


I haven’t found a piece that has defeated her awesome sight-reading skills yet.  And that’s just the technical side.  What you get with Becs is so much more than that, because it’s great fun as well as being such a high standard.  I feel so blessed to have met her and to be able to sing with her"

Sarah, Vocal Soloist

"I can't recommend Becs highly enough.  As well as being a great musician, she has the ability to put you at ease and believe in yourself. 

I look forward to each lesson and have rediscovered my passion for the piano"

Adult Student