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My Values and Teaching Principles

These six values guide how I work as a musician and teacher.  
They ensure students love their lessons and become well-rounded musicians.

My Values: CV

We progress when we work together

Students are in charge of their own progress and the teacher is responsible for facilitating it. Practice is key and students practise well when they are learning something they like and can connect with.

Learning music should be fun

Learning is enjoyable and happens most effectively when the student is relaxed, engaged and working in a way that best fits them. "They do well because you make lessons fun for them" (parent)


There is more to music than reading the notes!

Right from their first lesson, students will have opportunities to explore all forms of music-making, from reading music, to composing, to improvising melodies and understanding harmony. Students become well-rounded musicians with good technique and broad musical awareness.

No student is the same and one size never fits all. Your learning path is your own - I will guide you but you determine the route you take. My Facebook page has lots of photos of lessons in action. 

We are all different


A teacher should inspire you

I believe all music teachers should engage in their own music-making, and share this with their students. Ask me about the 40 Piece Challenge or find it on my YouTube channel! Our concerts are also a way for newer students to be inspired by more advanced students. 

Music is for everyone

Music is amazing.  It gives us an escape, a way to express ourselves, a way to understand our emotions. We can make others happy with our music and improve our own well-being. Opportunities to engage in music can change lives, and music should be accessible to everyone.

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